Kron Flops a Full House Against Brock

Michael Brock raised to 100,000 with the :::Jh:::Jd in early position and picked up two callers in Julien Kron with :::7c:::7h in the small blind and Henri Koivisto in the big blind with :::Qd{10h}. The flop came :::7d:::6h:::6c and action checked to Brock, who bet 150,000 and was called by Kron only.

On the :::As turn, Kron checked and called a second barrel for 175,000 in total. The :::2c on the river was checked and Kron claimed the pot, taking over the lead by some margin.

Julien Kron2,990,000500,000
Michael Brock2,000,000-465,000
Henri Koivisto1,200,000-100,000