McCloskey Gets Involved in the Action

Julien Kron raised with the :::Kh:::9h and Mick McCloskey defended the :::6c:::6s in the big blind. On the :::Jd:::8s:::3h flop, McCloskey checked and called a bet of 135,000 by Kron. The :::4c turn was checked through and the :::7h river triggered a bet of 250,000 by McCloskey. Kron gave it some thought and folded.

David Schable raised to 100,000 first to act with the :::Kd:::Jc and Paul Jux Holderness called in the big blind with the :::As:::9s. The flop of {10d}:::5d:::2c was checked by Jux Holderness and he folded to a bet of the Frenchman.

Julien Kron2,900,000-90,000
Mick McCloskey1,800,000310,000
David Schable1,130,000220,000
Paul Jux Holderness625,000-135,000