Lauttamus Picks Up a Pot

Jaakko Lauttamus raised from middle position to 1,900 and the only player that called was Damian Krauze in the big blind. The dealer put down a :::Qs:::Ad:::Ks flop and Krauze checked to Lauttamus. Lauttamus bet 2,100 and Krauze called again.

The turn was the :::5h and Krauze checked another time. Lauttamus asked Krauze how much he was playing and Krauze moved his hand so Lauttamus could see that he had about 25,000 behind. Lauttamus bet 4,800 and that was too much to call for Krauze who folded his hand.

Jaakko Lauttamus 41,000
Damian Krauze 25,000