Unibet Poker Esports Update

Scott McMillan

So far Phil Schonebaum and Jordy Janssens are the only players who played in the Esports Battle Royale earlier this week and have busted out of the Main Event today. Sophia White played yesterday and she wasn’t able to make Day 2 either.

Schonebaum lost the remainder of his stack with jacks against aces and was sent to the rail. Thijs Molendijk also lost a pot already and is down to 22,000 after he lost with two pair while holding ace-king against three-of-a-kind queens.

The hottest running man of the week, Scott McMillan, has the biggest stack of all the esports players and is looking to continue his hot run and win a third tournament this Unibet Open.

Scott McMillan55,00025,000
Alan Widmann46,00015,000
Nathan Schmitt40,00010,000
Tyler Wine26,00026,000
Keiron Prescott23,00023,000
Thijs Molendijk22,000-8,000
Phil Schonebaum00