Lebedev Finds a Big Double Up

Alexander Lebedev

Alexander Lebedev opened to 2,500 in early position and Serdar Demircan who had been very aggressive at his table, three-bet to 6,000 a couple of seats over. The action folded back to Lebedev who shoved all in for 36,800. Demircan thought for a minute before making the call.

Alexander Lebedev: :::ks:::kd
Serdar Demircan: :::ac:::kc

Lebedev was just looking to dodge an ace and the flop of :::jh:::9s:::4s proved to be safe thus far. The :::2c on the turn nor the :::9c on the river was going to save Demircan who sent over a double up.

Serdar Demircan82,500
Alexander Lebedev76,50046,500