Leledakis Doubles Cristescu

Card Protector

On the three-way turn of :::5c:::4s:::2h:::5s, the action checked to Andreas Leledakis and he bet 5,500 into a pot of 10,500. One fold followed, but Cosmin Cristescu had other plans and check-raised to 15,000 with few chips behind. Leledakis pushed all in and Cristescu quickly called.

Cosmin Cristescu: :::Ac:::As
Andreas Leledakis: :::Qc:::Qs

The :::7s on the river was a blank and Cristescu doubled for 21,100, leaving Leledakis on very few chips.

Cosmin Cristescu 53,000 53,000
Andreas Leledakis 1,500 1,500