Shahar Drops One Pot; Leledakis Doubles

Israel’s Ran Shahar has been visiting Romania several times for poker tournaments and has joined the action once more. He can currently be found on one of the newly opened tables alongside Andrei Alecu, Alexandre Reard and Andreas Leledakis who was moved there.

Shahar and Alecu invested 1,600 to see a flop of :::Qc:::Qd:::Qs, which went check, check. After the :::2c turn, Shahar bet and Alecu folded to get shown the :::Ad.

Soon after, Michal Kulesza opened to 300 and was called two ways. Leledakis jammed for the last 3,000 in the big blind and Kulesza called.

Andreas Leledakis: :::9d:::9h
Michal Kulesza: :::Ah:::Js

The board came :::8c:::5h:::4h:::Ks:::4s and Leledakis doubled.

Andrei Alecu 37,000 7,000
Michal Kulesza 26,500 -3,500
Ran Shahar 24,100
Andreas Leledakis 7,000 5,500
Cristian Dragomir 0