Sinclair Takes a Hit

Jack Sinclair

Jack Sinclair opened from early position to 4,000. The action folded around to Vlad Ruxandari in the big blind and he three-bet jammed to 32,900.

Sinclair went into the tank for two minutes and looked at his cards three times before he decided to call.

Vlad Ruxandari: :::Kh:::Kc
Jack Sinclair: :::As:::Jc

Ruxandari was a 72 percent favorite to win the hand. He doubled up after the board ran out :::9h:::6d:::5c:::7d:::7s. Meanwhile, Sinclair’s stack took a big hit.

Vlad Ruxandari 69,000 -11,000
Jack Sinclair 12,000 -77,000