Oghabian Eliminates Madalin, Takes Chip Lead

Milad Oghabian has a big stack standing in front of him and he’s adding on to that big stack. He eliminated Cristian Diaconu Madalin moments ago to gain more chips.

Oghabian raised to 5,000 from the under the gun position and when it folded to Madalin on the cutoff he moved all in for his last 26,200. When it was Oghabian’s turn again he asked Madalin if he wanted a call and he didn’t get an answer. Oghabian ended up making the call and they opened up their hands.

Milad Oghabian: :::Th:::9h
Cristian Diaconu Madalin: :::Ad:::8h

The dealer spread out the :::Kd:::7s:::6d flop and Oghabian gained a lot more outs. The :::8s turn was one of those outs and Madalin stood up and started packing his things because the :::Qh river was a courtesy.

Oghabian is closing in on the 300,000 chip mark and is well on his way to end the day strong.

Milad Oghabian 295,000 135,000
Cristian Diaconu Madalin 0