The Rich Get Richer

Mark Buckley defended his big blind against the under-the-gun raise of Elias Vaaraniemi and check-called a bet of 6,100 on the :::Ah:::4d:::2d:::9s turn. Buckley also checked the :::Qs on the river and Vaaraniemi made it 11,800 to go. Buckley studied his opponent carefully and called, but promptly mucked when he was shown the :::Kd:::Kh by Vaaraniemi.

Two hands later, Buckley opened to 4,200 on the button and Vaaraniemi three-bet to 15,700 out of the small blind, which ended the hand right there.

Elias Vaaraniemi310,00015,000
Mark Buckley105,000-30,000