Tiainen Doubles With Quads

Antti Tiainen raised it up to 1,800 from early position and Lars Pieters in the small blind three-bet to 6,500. Tiainen moved all in and Pieters asked for a count. Once it was deemed to be just over 26,000, Pieters called.

Antti Tiainen: :::Ks:::Kc
Lars Pieters: :::Qs:::Qc

There was no sweat at all for the Finn, as he made quads on the board :::Kd:::9h:::7h:::Kh:::9c.

"That’s very good," he said with his dry Scandinavian accent.

"No sweat," Lee Egan in the one seat replied and Tiainen added "but I like sweat."

The current stack sizes of the other players on the same table can be found below.

Jaakko Kayhko65,000-3,000
Antti Tiainen54,00054,000
Charlotte van Brabander48,00017,000
Lee Egan40,000-20,000
Eszter Fabian32,0002,000
Lars Pieters31,00031,000
Michael Hladik20,000-1,000