Widmann Flips Well

Alan Widmann

Alan "Hotted89" Widmann raised and Tudor Bartha Lazar three-bet to 3,500 from two seats over. Henri Vaeisaenen in the big blind jammed for 14,200 and Widmann called. Lazar eventually folded and said later in table chat he folded queens.

Henri Vaeisaenen: :::Qs:::Qc
Alan Widmann: :::Ad:::Kd

The :::Ac:::Kh:::7c flop gave Widmann top two pair, and the :::7s turn and :::9c river sent Vaeisaenen to the rail.

Alan Widmann85,00026,000
Tudor Bartha Lazar57,00057,000
Henri Vaeisaenen0-30,000