Drama for “Rotterdam”

The feature table shows the action on a delay of 30 minutes and Razvan Bizera had just made a move with {10d}:::5c only for Kevin "Rotterdam" van der Kooi to wake up with the :::Ad:::Ac and double on a board of :::7h:::6s:::5d:::2c:::7c.

Fast forward some 25 minutes and Rotterdam just ended up all in against Alexandru Palievici in a flip with almost identical chips.

Alexandru Palievici: :::Ad:::Kd
Kevin van der Kooi: {10c}{10s}

The board came :::9c:::7c:::2h:::Kc:::5d and van der Kooi was left with just one 1,000 chip.

Alexandru Palievici215,000126,000
Kevin van der Kooi1,000-119,000