A Chip and a Chair

Dmitrii Prusov

Razvan Bizera jammed the small blind over a button raise to 12,000 by Dmitrii Prusov and Kevin van der Kooi was forced all in for a single chip in the big blind. Prusov called for 124,000 and the cards were turned over.

Kevin van der Kooi: :::5d:::2c
Dmitrii Prusov: :::Qd:::Qc
Razvan Bizera: :::8h:::8c

The board came :::4d:::3s:::3h:::6c:::2d and van der Kooi survived, but only improved to 3,000 chips. He folded the small blind the next hand to get a full orbit with the single chip, a few spots away from the money.

Tournament director Glenn Doyle also already announced that Day 2 will only end once the money bubble has burst.

Razvan Bizera480,00010,000
Dmitrii Prusov260,000-90,000
Kevin van der Kooi1,0000