Cruel Bust for Pora

Dumitru Pora

Dumitru Pora jammed for 51,000 on the button and big stack Silviu Baltateanu called in the big blind.

Dumitru Pora: :::Kc:::Jc
Silviu Baltateanu: :::9d:::7h

The :::Kd:::8h:::5h flop gave Pora top pair and Baltateanu a gutshot. After the :::7c turn, Baltateanu picked up some more outs and he indeed got there with the :::6c river.

While Pora grabbed his belongings, Baltateanu said "one second for the picture please" to the dealer, ready to grab his smartphone and snap a picture of the outcome.

Silviu Baltateanu480,00070,000
Dumitru Pora0-54,400