Nought for Noonan

James Noonan took another hit and soon after got the remainder of it in preflop with :::Ad:::Ks for around 50,000. Corrie Romate had jammed for around 55,000 with the :::Kc:::Qc and the board came :::Qs{10d}:::6h:::9h:::9c to eliminate Noonan.

Carmen Zainescu also ran out of chips and she was joined on the rail by Andrei Tamaduianu, while Corentin Ropert has moved from 29,000 at dinner to 220,000 not even 90 minutes later.

Corentin Ropert220,000175,000
Dan Murariu190,000115,000
Andrei Dobrescu190,000135,000
Alan Widmann130,00015,000
Corrie Romate120,00061,100
Carmen Zainescu0-95,000
Andrei Tamaduianu0-65,000
James Noonan0-90,000