“Switfty” Busts on Feature Table

John Pyle

Over on the feature table, John "Swifty" Pyle had been involved in many battles with Cristian Grecu and this time Grecu made it 5,500 to go with the :::8s:::8c in late position. Pyle called in the hijack with the :::Qd{10d} and the flop came :::Qh:::8d:::5c. Grecu bet 4,000 and Pyle raised to 12,000, the call followed.

On the :::Jc turn, Grecu check-raised all in after nervously shifting in his seat and hiding part of his face with the hoodie several times. Pyle, who had bet 25,000, called all in for 109,500 in total with his top pair and gutshot. The river was the blank :::Ad and that spelled the end for "Swifty".

Grecu also overtook Evangelos Bechrakis in the counts on the feature table as well.

Cristian Grecu370,000298,600
Evangelos Bechrakis312,000-118,000
John Pyle0-145,000