Roller Coaster for Lowe; Ohman No More

Jan Marcus Ohman three-bet for the last 50,000 and Joseph Ellis reluctantly called to turn over :::Ad:::4d. Ohman was ahead with :::7s:::7d, but that just lasted until the :::Ah:::6c:::2c flop. The :::Jh turn and :::Kd river were blanks and Ohman was eliminated.

One table over, Jonathan Lowe doubled Paul Jux Holderness for 82,000 when he jammed the button with :::Jd:::8h. Holderness had :::4d:::4h and the board came :::Ad:::Kc:::7d:::5d:::As.

Lowe doubled his remaining few chips through Henri Koivisto with :::Ad:::Jd versus :::Js:::9h, then lost a flip against an even shorter-stacked Peter Cahill with :::8c:::8s versus :::Ah:::Kd.

Joseph Ellis255,000123,400
Paul Jux Holderness180,00060,000
Peter Cahill110,00060,000
Jonathan Lowe70,000-40,000
Jan Marcus Ohman0-140,000