Glaser Sends Lowe to the Rail

Benny Glaser opened the action with a raise to 17,000 on the button and Jonathan Lowe moved all in from one seat over for 82,000 in the small blind. An instant call of Glaser followed and the cards were on their backs.

Jonathan Lowe: :::Ac{10c}
Benny Glaser: :::Jc:::jd

Glaser showed no reaction on the :::Js:::5c:::3d flop and it wouldn’t have been the first time a set of jacks ended up second-best on this very table. Lowe’s run definitely came to an end with the :::5d turn and the :::Ah river was just a formality.

Benny Glaser250,00075,000
Jonathan Lowe0-70,000