Rabany Busts O’Neill

Richard O'Neill

Over on the feature table, John Farrell and Andy Black have taken over control, while Pascal Rabany and Richard O’Neill were among the short stacks. Rabany jammed two hands in a row and the second time came out of the cutoff for 85,000, O’Neill called all in for 78,000 on the button.

Richard O’Neill: :::As:::9c
Pascal Rabany: :::Kd:::Qh

Rabany flopped trips queens on :::Qd:::Qs:::5c:::6h{10h} and O’Neill was left without any hope on the turn already.

John Farrell589,00089,000
Andy Black533,000263,000
Pascal Rabany172,00012,000
Richard O’Neill0-165,000