Segers and Mathers Win Pots

Kalman Dohany defended his big blind against a raise by Gilles Segers and check-called a bet of 625 on the :::As:::Jd:::8c flop. The :::6h followed on the turn and Dohany checked, then faced a second barrel worth 2,300 by Segers. That was enough to break down the resistance of Dohany and he sent his cards into the muck. After a decent start into the day, his stack has since dipped below the 30,000 he started with.

One table over, Kevin Mathers raked in a pot without showdown. He had bet 2,500 out of the small blind with the board showing :::7s:::7d:::4d:::5c:::Qd and Harry Wals opted to fold.

"I gonna show one," Mathers said in table chat and flashed the :::7c, Wals replied with a "nice hand."

Elias Vaaraniemi42,000
Kevin Mathers38,0003,000
Gilles Segers33,0005,000
Harry Wals26,000-2,500
Kalman Dohany24,000-8,000