Black Chips Up Further

Pascal Rabany, who finished 18th in the €330 Deep Stack Open Cup, entered Day 1a of the Main Event soon after and sits right next to Frida Andersson. On the same table, Jakub Groblewski defended out of the blinds and check-called a bet of 700 by Michael Tucknott on the :::Ac:::Qs:::9s flop. The :::7d turn was checked and Groblewski’s bet of 1,375 on the :::3h river won the pot without showdown.

Andy Black took on Katsuhiro Muto, who also defended out of the blinds. Muto proceeded to check-call bets of 500 on the :::Jc{10h}:::7h flop and 1,000 on the :::4c turn. Muto checked the third street in a row on the :::6h river and Black won the pot with a third barrel worth 3,000, as Muto elected to fold.

The Japanese was left with around 8,000 after the hand and busted shortly after to become the third casualty on Day 1.

Andy Black63,0003,000
Jakub Groblewski34,00034,000
Pascal Rabany30,00030,000
Frida Andersson15,00015,000
Katsuhiro Muto0-9,000
Yves Terrier0