Toni Judet Eliminated in 5th Place (€21,665); Cristian Grecu Eliminated in 4th Place (€27,485)

Toni Judet

Cristian Grecu opened and Toni Judet jammed for the last 300,000 out of the small blind. Marius Gicovanu jammed the small blind and Grecu snap-called for 1,390,000.

Toni Judet: :::As:::Kd
Cristian Grecu: :::Ks:::Kh
Marius Gicovanu: :::7d:::7c

Gicovanu was asking for a seven and his wish was granted with the :::Ad:::8h:::7s flop.

Neither the :::Jc turn nor the :::9c river changed anything, and suddenly the field was reduced to the final three. Judet was ousted in 5th place for €21,664 and Grecu takes home €27,485.

Cristian Grecu
Cristian Grecu
Marius Gicovanu4,520,0001,940,000
Martin Soukup4,380,000100,000
Traian Bostan2,085,000-125,000
Toni Judet0-400,000
Cristian Grecu0-1,600,000