Stefan Drusca Eliminated in 6th Place (€16,545)

Stefan Drusca

Stefan Drusca ended up all in for 800,000 and Traian Bostan in the small blind went over the top.

Stefan Drusca: :::Ah:::Qh
Traian Bostan: :::Kc:::Kd

There was uproar on the :::Ad:::Qd:::9d flop as Drusca took the lead with top two pair, but he had to fade diamonds and a back door straight draw. The {10s} turn and the :::Jh river indeed improved Bostan to a straight and that spelled the end for Drusca in 6th place for €16,545.

Traian Bostan2,210,000850,000
Stefan Drusca0-800,000