Soukup Wins a Bigger Pot

Martin Soukup raised to 100,000 with the :::Ad:::8d and Marius Gicovanu defended the big blind with :::4c:::4h. On the :::9d:::5d:::3c flop, Gicovanu checked and called a bet of 125,000 by Soukup. The :::Ac on the turn was checked by Gicovanu and Soukup bet 225,000, which Gicovanu called.

The :::4d appeared on the river and Gicovanu improved to a set, while Soukup made the nut flush. Gicovanu checked and Soukup overbet for 1,500,000. Gicovanu spent several minutes in the think tank and folded.

"Nuts?" he asked and Traian Bostan chimed in with a "He is not allowed to say that," referring to the fact that Soukup has not engaged in table chat at all during the entire final table until that point.

Martin Soukup5,100,000720,000
Marius Gicovanu4,000,000-520,000