Vollers Busts Tardea

Steven Vollers

Steven Vollers opened to 6,000 and Carmen Zainescu called from one seat over, as did Espen Uhlen Jorstad on the button. Cristian Tardea jammed for around 40,000 in the small blind and the jam of Vollers forced out Zainescu and Jorstad.

Cristian Tardea: :::Ac:::2c
Steven Vollers: :::Ad:::Ks

The board came :::Qc:::7h:::4d{10c}:::Jh and Vollers scored the knockout with the nut straight, dodging the flush draw of Tardea.

Steven Vollers120,00050,400
Espen Uhlen Jorstad55,000-30,000
Carmen Zainescu45,000-50,000
Andrei Jambor0-130,000
Cristian Tardea0-68,500
Florin Pandilica0-38,200
Igor Hrekul0-46,400