Joentausta and Hotted89 Double in Consecutive Hands

Aku Joentausta

Aku Joentausta raised first to act and was called by Radu Lungu in the small blind and Andrei Dobrescu in the big blind. The trio checked the :::Qd:::6h:::3d flop and the :::Ac turn was checked to Joentausta, who bet 15,000. Lungu called and Dobrescu check-raised to 45,000, two calls followed.

On the :::Kh river, action checked to Joentausta and he jammed for 36,000. Lungu reluctantly folded while Dobrescu quickly tossed in a single chip for the call. Joentausta showed :::Qc:::Qs for a set of queens and Dobrescu had :::3h:::3s for the inferior set.

In the next hand, Andrei Toma opened to 6,000 and was called three ways including Alan "Hotted89" Widmann in the big blind. The streamer from Germany jammed the :::9h:::4d:::3d flop and Toma called.

"Overpair?" Widmann immediately asked and Toma rolled over the :::Ac:::As, Widmann was in trouble with the :::Jd:::9s. The :::6s turn blanked, but the :::9s river gave Widmann trips to double.

Aku Joentausta218,000148,000
Radu Lungu125,00065,700
Andrei Toma120,00040,000
Alan Widmann115,00040,000
Andrei Dobrescu55,0005,000