Hokkanen Busts; Zainescu Wins Flip

Jaakko Hokkanen

The field is shrinking further as just 81 players remain, and among those to bust recently were Tomasz Olejnik, Daniel Effendy, Andrei Boghean and Jaakko Hokkanen.

Hokkanen jammed the last 33,000 with :::Ad:::9c in late position and was called by Catalin Moraru in the small blind with the :::Ah:::Jc. The board came :::Qs{10c}:::5h:::Jd:::7c and that spelled the end for the Finn.

Carmen Zainescu was also on the brink of elimination, as her :::8s:::8h fell behind the :::Ad{10s} of Amitai Or on the :::Ac:::Jd{10h} flop. However, the :::8c turn came to the rescue and the :::3d river was a blank.

Catalin Moraru200,000128,200
Carmen Zainescu95,00050,000
Amitai Or30,000-8,900
Tomasz Olejnik0-111,400
Jaakko Hokkanen0-63,000
Daniel Effendy0-50,000
Claudiu Ianuszewicz0-54,000
Andrei Boghean0-75,000
Hugues Mazerolle0-105,200