Wendt Folds a Full House On the Bubble

The board was already out there and it was :::6h:::Kd:::6s:::2h:::Qh. There was about 80,000 in the pot and Martin Wendt had bet 60,000. Andrei Grimberg was all in for his tournament life with 118,000 in the middle and Wendt was thinking about his decision for a couple of minutes.

Grimberg was asked multiple times if he had kings but he didn’t give an answer to the question. Another player called the clock on Wendt and after the time ran out he had to fold his hand. Wendt folded :::2s:::2c face up for a full house. Grimberg couldn’t believe what he just witnessed as he opened up :::Ks:::Kc and complimented Wendt on a good fold.

Andrei Grimberg 260,000 132,500
Martin Wendt 130,000 -36,000