90 Players Remaining After Kingma Eliminates Voiculescu

The field is now down to 90 players remaining or three off the bubble after Adrian Voiculescu was eliminated short of the money in 91st place.

Voiculescu open-jammed for 73,500 from the cutoff before Remco Kingma three-bet jammed for around 200,000 from the small blind.

The player in the big blind folded and Voiculescu began to shake his head before he even saw his opponent’s hand.

Adrian Voiculescu: :::8d:::8h
Remco Kingma: :::qh:::qd

Voiculescu’s intuition that he was in trouble was confirmed and he was well behind in the hand before the flop. The :::6h:::9c:::ks:::th:::2c didn’t save Voiculescu and he was eliminated from the field.

Remco Kingma 280,000 210,000
Adrian Voiculescu 0 -120,000