Agapie Eliminated on the soft bubble

Sorin Agapie was eliminated. He was preflop all in with a pair of jacks and got called by Anton Vinokurov and Aleksi Himanen.

Both players with chips in front of them checked on the :::5s:::6s:::7d flop. The turn was the :::8d and Himanen bet 35,000. Vinokurov called to see the :::Qs river card.

Himanen checked this time and Vinokurov bet out 70,000. Himanen folded and later announced he had a four for a straight. Vinokurov opened up :::Js:::9s for a flush and Agapie busted before the money with :::Jd:::Jc.

Anton Vinokurov400,000274,000
Aleksi Himanen250,000-145,000
Sorin Agapie0-84,500