13-16 March 2014
  • Tallinn
    29 May - 01 June 2014
  • Cannes
    18-21 September 2014
  • 30th Edition
    27-30 November 2014
    Next event: 15th June

Unibet Open Copenhagen Round Up

Danish poker pro Frederik “Fred_Brink” Jensen has taken down the sold-out Unibet Open Copenhagen Main Event, besting a 406-strong field to win the DKK 625,000 (€83,750) first prize – his first ever cash on Danish soil.

The €1,000 + €100 Main Event took place March 13-16 at the Casino Copenhagen, Denmark’s best poker venue nestled inside the luxurious Radisson Blu Scandinavia hotel which also served as accommodation for Unibet players over the course of the week. The event had already hit its 400 capacity before Day 1 began, but several alternates bumped the final number up 406, generating a prize pool of DKK 2,923,200 (€391,625) with 45 places paying out. The tournament was live-streamed every day via Youtube, including the entire final table with hole cards visible on a slight delay.

The mammoth Main Event field contained a number of big name pros and Unibet Open regulars. The 198 runners who made up Day 1a included EPT champions Mickey “memento_mori” Petersen and Pieter de Korver, former Unibet Open winners Dmitry Varlamov and Jaroslaw Barglik, 2013 Unibet Open Copenhagen runner up Johnny Østbjerg and former Swedish international footballer Tomas Brolin. The Day 1b crowd included reigning champion Kassem Yassine, Irish Open winner Ian Simpson, EPT finalist Micke Norinder, former Unibet Open champions Paul Valkenburg, Jimmy Jonsson, Quentin Lecomte and Mateusz Moolhuizen, and former professional footballer turned two-time WSOP bracelet winner Jan Sorensen.

More than half the field was eliminated in the course of the two Day 1s, but Unibet had consolation prizes on offer for the first few to bust out. The first five players to hit the rail on each of Day 1a and Day 1b were awarded a free ticket to the next online Sunday Final, giving them a shot at qualifiying for the next Unibet Open. Those who claimed their free tickets for crashing out early included Irish open champ Ian Simpson and WPT National Vejle winner Mette Louise Christensen.

Chip leader at the end of Day 1a was young Finn Henri Koivisto, but come Day 2 his 231,500 was dwarfed by two stacks from Day 1b – Rasmus Vogt, last year’s 15th place finisher (and with a series of impressively deep cashes in EPTs) was in second place overall with 300,700, while pole position going into the second day was occupied by eventual winner Frederik Jensen on 364,700.

Those who made it to Day 2 but failed to progress into the money included all four former Unibet Open champions from Day 1b, the two from Day 1a, and EPT Grand Final champion Pieter de Korver – although de Korver chopped the PLO side event on Day 1b, which presumably softened the blow.

The side events also included the ever-popular and vastly entertaining Omaha Flips Championship, and away from the poker tables, Unibet continued the tradition of providing players with top-notch entertainment, including Welcome Drinks, a ping-pong event for Swedish Players and the legendary Players’ Party at Copenhagen’s exclusive Hive nightclub.

Back to the Main Event, and the elimination of Ronnie Espensen on the bubble left 45 players guaranteed a minimum payout of DKK 16,000 (€2,145) but vying for a spot on the final table and the DKK 625,000 first prize.

Players who did make it into the money included EPT Campione winner Jannick Wrang (24th place), Rasmus Vogt (19th) and Day 1a chip leader Henri Koivisto (bubbled the final table in 10th place). By the time they reached the final table a few hours into Day 3, Greger Aktell had a huge chip lead – 3,263,000, with Frederik Jensen in second place on 2,192,000.

The final table:

Seat 1 – Emil Hegedus – 1,221,000
Seat 2 – Mateusz Dziewonski - 1,084,000
Seat 3 – Wiktor Szuster – 1,157,000
Seat 4 – Daniel Petersen – 649,000
Seat 5 – Kenny Kousgaard – 344,000
Seat 6 – Stefan Knudsen – 1,487,000
Seat 7 – Greger Aktell - 3,263,000
Seat 8 – Carsten Petersen – 698,000
Seat 9 – Frederik Jensen – 2,192,000

Kenny Kousgaard was the first to hit the rail, moving in with bottom pair and smacking into Stefan Knudsen’s flopped flush. He picked up DKK 60,200 (€8,065) for ninth place.

Carsten Petersen was next to depart, trying it on with from the button but getting a call from Frederik Jensen in the small blind holding . His eighth place finish netted him DKK 80,000 (€10,720). Jensen moved into the lead as a result, and consolidated his lead a short while later when he knocked out Mateusz Dziewonski in seventh place for DKK 100,000 (€13,400) when his rivered an ace against the Pole’s pocket queens. This hand left Jensen in possession of almost a third of the chips in play.

Greger Aktell was soon back in the lead though – he reraised with pocket queens to a raise from Daniel Petersen and then called Petersen’s push; Petersen could only boast and the Dane duly busted in sixth place for DKK 120,000 (€16,080). Wiktor Szuster was next to go in fifth place (DKK 150,000, €20,100), his dominated initially spiking a four but getting counterfeited on the river by Emil Hegedus’ .

The elimination of Stefan Knudsen in fourth place (DKK 210,000, €28,135) by Frederik Jensen ( into ) left Jensen the last Danish player standing in the tournament. As such, he picked up an additional prize – a full package to Unibet Open Tallinn as part of Unibet’s Last Dane Standing promotion.

Greger Aktell had been the chip leader going into the final table and the chip lead had gone back and forth between him and Frederik Jensen several times, but he would ultimately crash out in third place. Aktell had seen more than his fair share of premium hands during the course of the final, but had suffered rather poor luck with some of them. His last hand would be no exception, his coming a cropper to Emil Hegedus’ . He exited in third place for DKK 275,00 (€36,850), leaving Jensen and Hegedus to battle it out heads up.

Hegedus initially had the chip lead, but Jensen soon snatched it from him and the Dane never looked back. A few hands later Hegedus raised with on the diamond and Jensen called with to see a flop – . The chips went in, and by the end Jensen had made a full house while Hegedus had to make do with second place for DKK 430,000 (€57,620) – going one better than his previous Unibet Open best, third place in St Maarten.

Jensen already had a Sunday Million win, an EPT title and around $6,000,000 in live and online tournament winnings to his name, but the Unibet Open title constitutes his first cash on home soil in Denmark. We are looking forward to seeing him again at Unibet Open Tallinn, May 29-June 1. If you fancy joining him there, satellites are running now on Unibet – get qualifying now, and we’ll see you in Tallinn!

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