Paul Vergeer Eliminated in 2nd Place (€51,000)

Paul Vergeer

Paul Vergeer limped in for 160,000 and Mateusz Moolhuizen raised to 450,000, receiving a call from his opponent.

On the flop , Moolhuizen checked, Vergeer bet 430,000 and Moolhuizen then check-raised all in. Vergeer tank-called for around 2.2 million and was at risk.


The on the turn was a great card for Moolhuizen, as now Vergeer was drawing to a six only to win the hand. A blank fell on the river and crowned Moolhuizen champion of the Unibet Open for the second time. Vergeer takes home €51,000 for his efforts and the winner pictures will be taken care of momentarily.

Mateusz Moolhuizen9,630,0003,290,000
Paul Vergeer0-3,290,000