A Triple Up and Two Double Ups

Jonathan Lowe was all in for just 33,000 with the :::8c:::8h, facing Tomas Motrimas with :::7h:::7d and Emil Brunnberg with :::Ac:::Qd. The board ran out {10h}:::6s:::5s:::4c:::Jh and Lowe tripled up, Motrimas was left with crumbs.

Markus Heikkila flopped a flush draw with :::Kd:::Jd, but Pascal Rabany on the button held up with :::Ks:::Kh when the chips went in after the flop of a board :::8d:::3d:::2h:::8s:::2s.

Last but not least, Benny Glaser three-bet out of the big blind and was at risk for 75,000, initial raiser Paul Jux Holderness called.

Benny Glaser: :::6c:::6s
Paul Jux Holderness: :::Ah:::Kd

The pocket pair remained best after the :::Jh:::Jc:::2h:::8c:::6h board and Glaser doubled with a full house.

Emil Brunnberg210,00060,000
Benny Glaser175,000120,000
Pascal Rabany160,00060,000
Paul Jux Holderness120,000-145,000
Jonathan Lowe110,000-80,000
Markus Heikkila45,000-85,000
Tomas Montrimas30,000-95,000