Aces Can’t Hold Again

There was a raise to 2,800 and Michael Brock three-bet to 9,000. Georgios Koltoukis four-bet shoved all in for 34,600 from the blinds which got the initial raiser to fold. Brock asked for a count and contemplated his decision for a moment before making the call.

Michael Brock: :::qc:::jc
Georgios Koltoukis: :::ah:::ac

The flop came :::qs:::6h:::3s to give Brock a pair of queens and some hope. The :::9s on the turn didn’t change anything but it was the :::qd on the river that gave Brock the best hand and eliminated Koltoukis.

Michael Brock103,50041,500
Georgios Koltoukis0