Aces for McCloskey

Keith Brennan raised to 125,000 with the :::8h:::7h and Mick McCloskey three-bet to 275,000 with :::Ah:::Ac, which ended the hand right there.

Julien Kron then raided it up with the :::9d:::7s and Brennan defended out of the big blind with :::Js:::9c. On the :::Ac{10d}:::2d flop, Brennan opted to check and Kron won the pot with a successful continuation bet.

Out of the hijack, David Schable raised to 130,000 with :::Ad{10c} and claimed the blinds and antes.

Julien Kron2,800,000235,000
Keith Brennan1,900,000-400,000
David Schable1,100,00090,000
Mick McCloskey1,100,00085,000
Michael Brock1,100,000-50,000