Aces Versus Jacks Setup Vaults Wiborg Into the Lead

Honglin Jiang raised to 180,000 first to act and Andreas Wiborg in the small blind three-bet to 465,000. Jiang gave it some thought and moved all in to see the bad news right after being snap-called.

Andreas Wiborg: :::Ac:::As
Honglin Jiang: :::Js:::Jd

The :::Kc:::8d:::7d flop was of no help, but the :::6d turn gave Jiang a flush draw. A blank :::2h fell on the river and Wiborg scored a massive double for 2.25 million at the end of the level, a ten-minute break followed right after.

Andreas Wiborg 4,600,000 0
Honglin Jiang 1,400,000 0