Adrian Ionescu Eliminated in 5th Place (€25,170)

Adrian Ionescu

Adrian Ionescu moved all in from the under the gun position with :::Ah:::9s. Anton Vinokurov woke up in the small blind with :::Ad:::Ac and called the bet. The player in the big blind folded and it was up to the dealer.

The dealer put out the :::5d:::Js:::5h:::6d:::6h board and Ionescu wasn’t able to double up one more time.

We’ve lost three players in the past 20 minutes and Vinokurov has a commanding chip lead. Florin Elisei is the second biggest stack and has just 30 big blinds.

Anton Vinokurov11,405,0002,620,000
Florin Elisei3,000,000-195,000
Cosmin Cimpeanu2,310,000-115,000
Carmen Zainescu1,050,000-770,000
Adrian Ionescu0-1,045,000