Aldo Monteleone Eliminated in 20th Place (€5,680)

Aldo Monteleone

From hero to zero, or one million to no chips, that’s the story of Aldo Monteleone in the last few minutes. After doubling Roei Motola, he faced the raise to 50,000 by Gabriel Gavrila and the call of Cristian Dan. Monteleone shoved from the button for more than 600,000 and Gavrila called, Dan folded.

Aldo Monteleone: :::As:::5c
Gabriel Gavrila: :::Ks:::Kd

The board of :::Jd:::9c:::6c:::Qd:::2d changed nothing and Gavrila took the lead again, while Monteleone had to settle for 20th place and €5,680 for his efforts.

Gabriel Gavrila2,300,000500,000
Aldo Monteleone0-630,000