Alecu Bubbles the 2018 Unibet Open Bucharest Main Event

Andrei Alecu is the unfortunate bubble boy of the Unibet Open €1,100 Main Event in Bucharest.

Slaven Popov opened from early position to 14,000 before Alecu three-bet jammed for 40,000 from the cutoff. Florin Elisei called from the big blind and Popov folded.

Andrei Alecu: :::Js:::Jd
Florin Elisei: :::Qd:::Qh

Alecu was in a world of hurt with his pocket jacks needing some help on the board against his opponent’s queens. The :::8c:::8d:::td:::5h:::ah board was unable to improve his situation and he was eliminated in 88th place on the bubble.

The tournament is now officially in the money with the remaining 87 players guaranteed at least a €1,860 payday.

Florin Elisei 250,000 50,000
Andrei Alecu 0 -90,500