Alexis Fleur Eliminated in 16th Place (€5,020)

Alexis Fleur

Alexis Fleur moved all in for 120,000 and Benjamin Davo called. Michel Leibgorin then three-bet all in over the top for around 575,000 and Davo eventually folded :::ax:::tx before the other cards were turned over.

Alexis Fleur: :::jc:::jh
Michel Leibgorin: :::ah:::9c

The board came :::th:::td:::kh:::7d:::ac with the ace on the river sending Fleur to the rail in 16th place.

Omar Lakhdari2,600,000875,000
Christophe Charlet1,200,00075,000
Benjamin Davo1,150,000-350,000
Giuseppe Zarbo1,030,000-145,000
Michel Leibgorin775,0000
Alexandru Danes550,000-250,000
Alexey Dmitriev525,000-275,000
Alexis Fleur0-175,000