Another Ace for Bostan; Heath Gets some Back

Eli Heath raised to 325,000 with the {10h}:::9d and Traian Bostan called with the :::As:::5h. On the :::Ah:::6s:::2s flop, Bostan check-called a continuation bet before the :::Qc turn and :::Kc river were checked through to see Bostan scoop the pot.

Bostan then raised to 325,000 with :::Qs:::6c and folded when Heath three-bet his :::Jc:::6h.

Thus far, Bostan had hit a lot of cards and then defended the :::Ks:::9h. Heath had raised with :::As:::2c and bet the :::Ad:::Qc:::4d flop for 325,000. Bostan check-called a bet worth 325,000, but then folded the :::Ah turn when Heath fired another 700,000.