Anton Kuznetsov Eliminated in 3rd Place (£31,070)

Anton Kuznetsov

After losing the previous hand, Anton Kuznetsov was left with 1,500,000 and open-shoved from the small blind. Gerret Van Lancker called from the big blind to try and eliminate the Russian.

Anton Kuznetsov: :::8s:::7s
Gerret Van Lancker: :::Kc:::Js

Kuznetsov picked up extra outs on the :::6d:::4h:::2d flop. The :::2c river and :::9h river missed all those outs and Kuznetsov headed for the rail in third place.

The Russian, who had €1,807 in total live earnings before this tournament, received a massive paycheck of £31,070.

Anton Kuznetsov 0 -1,555,000