Back-to-Back Double Ups

Over on the outer tables, Michael Brock four-bet all in with the :::Ks:::Qd and had a flip against the :::Jh:::Js of Elias Vaaraniemi. The board came :::Ah:::Qc:::2c:::7h:::As and the stack of Vaaraniemi was cut in half.

The next hand, Brock got it in again and this time faced Pierre de Montesquiou, who was all in for 331,000 with the :::Ac:::Kd. Brock was dominated with :::As{10s} and the :::Qh:::Qc:::2c:::Ad:::Kc board changed nothing whatsoever, Brock lost the chips he had just gained right away.

Pierre de Montesquiou700,000325,000
Michael Brock340,000-10,000
Elias Vaaraniemi320,000-310,000