Bad News for Ludwicki and Lestrade

Fabrice Lestrade, who won the Unibet Belgium Poker Championship 2016 in Blankenberge earlier this year, was among the most recent players to have been eliminated. Further casualties include Nicolas Ludwicki, Gediminas Stake, Pasquale Grimaldi, Barry Mills and Dennis Kleinleugemors.

Ludwicki open-shoved his last 5,200 with the :::Ac{10h} and Patrik Niko Vilander called from one seat over with the :::Kh:::Kd. The board came {10h}:::9h:::2d:::Qc:::7s and Vilander’s kings held up.

Patrik Niko Vilander37,000
Nicolas Ludwicki0
Fabrice Lestrade0
Pasquale Grimaldi0-35,000
Gediminas Stake0
Barry Mills0
Dennis Kleinleugemors0