Barrage of Post-Bubble Bustouts

2020 Unibet Open Dublin

It took more than 2 hours to burst the bubble, but once they were in the money, the bustouts started coming thick and fast. In just a few minutes they are down to 26 players remaining.

See the Payouts tab shortly for payout details on the recently busted players.

Luke Walsh0-140,000
Ilan Cukrowicz0-70,000
Paul Leckey0-120,000
Quail Vyacheslav0-61,000
Tomas Geleziunas0-117,000
Tom Veenhuysen0-60,000
Ylva Thorsrud0-23,000
Alexandru Cinca0-314,000
Eirimas Livonas0-151,000
Edward Swales0-90,000
Mikhael Kvale0-177,500
Mark Ohare0-139,500
Emil Hegedus0-250,000