Ben Chamo Triples and Petrov Busts

After a raise to 2,700 by Yordan Petrov, Yoram Ben Chamo moved all in for 21,300 and Lukas Bulcsu four-bet all in. Petrov gave it some thought and called for slightly less than Bulcsu to put himself at risk also.

Yoram Ben Chamo: :::Qh:::Qd
Yordan Petrov: :::Ac:::Kc
Lukas Bulcsu: :::As:::Ad

The board ran out :::9c:::7s:::4h:::Qc{10s} and Ben Chamo turned a set to triple up, while Petrov was eliminated. Bulcsu kept basically the same stack after getting the chips back off Petrov.

Yoram Ben Chamo65,00065,000
Yordan Petrov00