Bergmann Eliminated by McMillan

The second battle esports gamer versus Unibet Poker ambassador this time ran out in favor of the esports pro, as Scott McMillan was spotted raking in the chips while Fredrik Bergmann left the tournament area. The cards were all but rushed away, but Bergmann was kind enough to provide further details.

Bergmann had lost a big pot early on and then defended his big blind with a stack of 24 big blinds and :::Jx{10x}. McMillan had raised to 900 in the cutoff and Bergmann flatted with :::Js{10h}, flopped top pair on :::Jh:::5x:::2h and check-jammed only to be called by McMillan with :::Qx:::Jx for the superior kicker. There was no help on turn and river, and Bergmann was gone. He will likely not enter Day 1c and rather take a shot at the Side Events later on before enjoying the city of Dublin.

Scott McMillan32,0007,000
Fredrik Bergmann0-30,000