Big Double for Schuman

Christopher Yong limped the button and Andreas Wiborg did so from the small blind with the :::9d:::7d. Jonathan Schuman moved all in for 26 big blinds and Yong reluctantly called, Wiborg folded.

Jonathan Schuman: :::As:::Ts
Christopher Yong: :::Kd:::Qc

The flop fell :::Ah:::Js:::Jc to pair up Schuman and he even turned a flush draw with the :::3s turn, the :::4c river was a formality and Yong was left with a mere three big blinds.

Jonathan Schuman 5,345,000 2,955,000
Andreas Wiborg 4,800,000 355,000
Christopher Yong 335,000 -3,310,000