Big Double Up for Carr

Tonio Roeder was just riding a high after he eliminated Angelo Tarallo in 27th place, and he was looking for another victim. Roeder made it 16,000 from the hijack and Alan Carr three-bet to 60,000 in the cutoff. The action folded back to Roeder who shoved all in and Carr snapped off his stack of 278,000.

Alan Carr: :::qc:::qd
Tonio Roeder: :::4s:::4d

Roeder was looking to catch one of two remaining fours in the deck but it wasn’t meant to be on the :::ac:::ts:::3s:::8c:::6h board.

Alan Carr576,000246,000
Tonio Roeder192,000-33,000
Angelo Tarallo0-212,000